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Frequently asked questions

Our awards website should help answer all of your questions. However, here are some frequently asked questions we receive, plus other key information to help you submit and attend the awards.

Please contact our team if you have any additional questions or need help lodging your submission.

Does it cost anything to enter?

No, entering is free and we encourage you to join or nominate people in as many eligible categories as possible.

Why do you want my photo?

Finalists may have their headshot displayed alongside their name on screen when they are announced at the event. We may also use headshots to announce finalists on our social media campaign.

Do I have to participate if I make it as a finalist?

You are encouraged to participate if you make it as a finalist. The event gives you an opportunity to be celebrated and recognised for your outstanding work in your field.

Who sees my submission?

All information is highly confidential and is only shared with the event team and the judges for that category. The information is not published, and permission would be sought if this were to change.

I am interested in partnership opportunities. Who can I contact?

Please contact:

  • Jordan Coleman, Commercial Director Financial Services
  • +61 420 837 584
  • [email protected]

What are the judges looking for?

Answer the questions and provide accurate and concise information. Make use of the available word count to draw upon examples to support your claims. Remember that judges often have a lot of submissions to consider, so make it entertaining and informative. Supporting documents are also looked upon favourably to strengthen your submission, provided they are relevant to your submission. Judges do not want to spend a lot of time reviewing information that is not relevant to the questions or submission. Don’t be shy about contacting your colleagues and clients for testimonials and references.

Can I get feedback on my submission if I didn’t make it?

Although we would love to give everyone feedback on their submission, they are reviewed by multiple judges who are not always able to comment on each entry.

When is the event?

Details of the event will be released after the finalist announcement. Please refer to the homepage for more information and award ceremony dates.

I’m having issues with entering my submission or need more information. Who can I contact?

Please contact a member of our team. Details can be found on the contact page.

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